Ridgeway Wound Care Clinic

Unity Wound Care Center is located within a 3,500 SF suite within a LEED Silver Ridgeway Medical Office building. The Wound Care Center was built to meet the requirements of a LEED Silver tenant build-out.

The Unity Wound Care Center is one of only 3 types of this type of facility in the Rochester area utilizing hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a specialized treatment where a patient breathes 100% oxygen while inside a pressurized chamber. This relatively new treatment process has proven results in promoting healing for chronic, non-healing wounds, chronic bone infections, certain types of poisoning and traumatic injuries.

The Unity Wound Care Center suite includes support areas, exam rooms, waiting, reception, and a large hyperbaric chamber room. With specialized treatment equipment, such as the large hyperbaric chambers, design challenges arise. Gardner PLUS worked within the constraints of an existing building and successfully achieved the clients program requirements while providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere for patients.