The Heathcare industry has recently seen an increase for rehabilitation services along with the required transitional care that accompany orthopedic procedures. Gardner PLUS Architects, PLLC have been on the forefront of developing facilities to assist our clients in the Western New York region for the these vital services.

VAMC Bath - PT/OT Relocation (Phase of new CLC Hospice Unit project)
Bath, NY
Size: 12,700 SF with 2,673 SF pertaining to PT/OT space
Construction Value: $2.4 million
Project Completion: 2011

Unity Rehabilitation at Ridgeway Professional Office Building
Greece, NY
Size: 58,843 SF
Construction Value: $4,119,000
Project Completion: 2010

Independent Living for Seniors - Hudson Avenue 
Irondequoit, NY
Size: 4,400 SF
Construction Value: $300,000
Project Completion: 2009

Park Ridge Living Center Rehabilitation
Rochester, NY
Size: 3,765
Construction Value: $750,400

Rochester General Health System - Physical Medicine & Rehab Center
Rochester, NY
Size: 5,700 SF
Construction Value: $505,000

Golisano Restorative Neurology and Rehabilitative Center
Rochester, NY
Joint Center, Ortho Rehab Program
Size: 18,795 SF renovation
3500 Rehabilitation Gymnasium
Size: 8,820 SF renovation and addition
Brain Injury/Neurology Rehab Department
Size: 17,640 SF renovation
Construction Value: $18 million
Project Completion:  2014

Geneva General Hospital - Transitional Care Unit and Nursing Home
Geneva, NY
Size: 11,000 SF renovation
Construction Value: $1.2 million
Project Completion: 2012

Unity Hospital - Transitional Care Center
Rochester, NY
Size: 23,300 SF
Construction Value: $6,775,000
Project Completion: 2010

F.F. Thompson - The Pines, Transitional Care Unit & Nursing Home
Canandaigua, NY
Size: 7,250, addition & renovation
Construction Value: $1.9 million
Project Completion: 2011

This project, completed as a part of Unity Hospital’s Modernization and Expansion project in 2014, includes a 25 bed Nursing Unit, Dining room, Kitchenette, Computer Training Space, Family Lounge, 8,800 SF Occupational therapy/Physical therapy gym and 2,200 SF Joint Community Center.

The Neurology rehabilitation center includes speech therapy, pediatric rehabilitation, psychometrics & neuro-psych treatment. The rehabilitation unit includes a training kitchen, laundry room and bathroom.

The nursing unit is located in immediate proximity to the treatment areas to encourage frequent visits and self-motivated rehabilitation. The unit also has Wanderguard systems to protect brain injury clients.

Interior design focused on hotel quality finishes and ambiance enhancing client experience and outcomes. Special care was exercised to provide appropriate colors, textures and levelness to avoid slipping or stumbling.