Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital - Maternity Unit
Rochester, NY
Assisted with peer review and construction observation for an addition and renovation of a (5) bed LDRP style unit. Infant Security system. 
Construction Value:  $1,400,000

Lakeside Memorial Hospital – Obstetrics Renovation 
Brockport, NY
LDRP Unit designed in former labor and delivery style hospital. Project started with master planning for these OB and Surgery which are adjacent departments.  Obstetrics renovation was Phase 1 of a multi-phased project. Infant Security systems.
Construction Value: $1,100,000

Jones Memorial Hospital - OB Department
Wellsville, NY
Renovation and improvements of existing department, including updating patient rooms, nursery and support areas. Converted from labor & delivery to LDR style unit.
Construction Value: $1,250,000

Ira Davenport Hospital - Women's Services
Bath, NY
Two phase assignment.  First phase - total facilities assessment to identify code and functional issues along with analysis of current space usage and needs.  Second phase - planning for Women’s services in context of more general planning to address overall needs identified in Phase One.
Construction Value: $3,000,000




Unity Hospital - Pernatology Renovations
Rochester, NY
Project started with schematic design options and progressed to a multi-phased project implemented in junction with Modernization and Expansion structural improvements.  
Construction estimate:  $643,000

Unity Hospital - Emergency Department Expansion and Renovation, GYN Rooms 
Rochester, NY
Specially designed GYN Emergency Rooms within the new Emergency Department.  Provisions for security, private toilet rooms and privacy.  20,000 SF Emergency Department new construction plus 10,000 SF renovation.
Construction Value: $6,000,00

Unity Hospital - OB Shell Design
Rochester, NY
Service reconfiguration at Park Ridge as outfall of Unity affiliation with St. Mary’s Hospital.  Gardner PLUS designed the building shell for the OB addition along with coordinating the courtyard design.  G+ also coordinated Code Compliance issues with the NYSDOH and Town of Greece to obtain the C of C for the project.  Assisted with master planning, retaining services of master planning consultants and construction manager, assembled architectural and consulting engineering teams, chief liaison between consultants and administration. 
Construction Value: $24,000,000

St. Mary's Hospital - Reuse Planning
Rochester, NY
Master Planning for optimum space utilization as out growth of service reconfiguration which occurred in 1998-1999.  Planning with community services emphasis for Health Reach, Healthy Start, WIC along with collecting and housing former off-site tenant uses in renovated on-site locations.
Construction Value: $2,000,000