Noyes Hospital Emergency Department Addition

Nicholas Noyes Memorial Hospital’s former Emergency Department was undersized for the current patient volume. The work flow efficiency was negatively affected by its outdated floor plan configuration. The patient population was forced to share the ambulance and walk-in entrance. Noyes Hospital tasked Gardner PLUS to assist them in designing a space that would address these concerns.

The new floor plan incorporates a racetrack concept with 7 treatment rooms around a central nurse station. There are separate entrances for the ambulance and walk-in population. The walk-in population is controlled and evaluated through a new triage process. Administrative functions are separated from the clinical space. Emergency decontamination provisions were incorporated into the design. This included a separate decontamination entrance with shower and direct access to an isolation treatment room. Accommodations for a decontamination tent and tank were designed on site near in close proximity to the ED addition.

The former Emergency Department was converted to a five bed Observation Unit that is adjacent to the ED. This allows for shared space between the units and a desired adjacency for staff efficiency and patient care.