We believe a Master Plan serves several purposes – it is an assessment - of current sites, infrastructure, facilities and systems; it is a prediction of trends - growth and shrinkage, of new opportunities, and it is a suggestion of directions – in planning facilities; changes necessary to support those opportunities. We feel it is also important to recognize that a Master Plan is a living document, constantly evolving from the snapshot in time when it was created and with those that helped to create it.

It is important to have the right people or stakeholders at the table. These individuals should know and understand the everyday workings of their department, but also be forward thinking. They must be open to new trends and be capable of visualizing positive change. Collaboration and consensus is key to a successful outcome. We will help to facilitate the discussion in an effort produce a positive team solutions.

Noyes Memorial Hospital Emergency Department, Observation and Radiology, Dansville, NY
Competed in 2014

Noyes Memorial Hospital Surgery/ICU Expansion, Dansville, NY
Completed in 2006

Noyes Memorial Hospital Overall Facilities Evaluation, Dansville, NY
Completed in 2001

Lakeside Memorial Hospital Surgical Services, Brockport, NY
Completed in 2011

Lakeside Memorial Hospital OB/Surgery, Brockport, NY
Completed in 2006

Geneva General Hospital Master Plan Oversight, Geneva, NY
Completed in 2011

Livingston County Long Term Care Facilities, Mt. Morris, nY
Completed in 2001

Jordan Health Master Planning, Rochester, NY
To be completed in 2015

F.F. Thompson Hospital Expansion, Canandaigua, NY
To be completed in 2015

URMC Strong West, Brockport, NY
Competed in 2014

Unity Hospital Modernization and Expansion, Rochester, NY
Completed in 2015

The Villages at Unity Assisted Living Home, Rochester, NY
Competed in 2013

Nursing Home Relocation Transitional Care Unit and Cottages, Rochester, NY
Completed in 2010

Unity Hospital Emergency Department, Surgery and the Department of Medicine, Rochester, NY
Competed in 2006

Park Ridge Hospital and St. Mary’s Merger, Rochester, NY
Competed in 2001

Outdated hospital transformed into a state of the art Medical Facility.

The Unity Hospital Modernization and Expansion project updated the former Park Ridge Hospital on Long Pond Road to a new up to date hospital including many services. Gardner PLUS played a crucial role managing the project to success.

An addition of  a new Fourth floor added 55 Medical/Surgical inpatient beds.  Several new elevators were added and extended to the new top floor.  All existing patient rooms on the Second and Third  floor were gutted and reconstructed bringing them up to contemporary standards. The Hospital was renovated adding Med/Surg beds to the Second floor and 25 Rehab beds to the Third floor.  The two hospital buildings are now connected with a new Rehab gym.
Additions were constructed for a new GI Unit, outpatient Dialysis space and flexible administrative space.  Renovations  to the First floor house new entrances, administrative offices for  Long Term Care services, Dialysis and other departments.
Additions were constructed for a new Cafeteria and Cardiology department along with space for expanded Nurse Stations. Renovations included new Central Pharmacy, Administrative offices, Kitchen, Central Sterile, Materials Management and Maintenance. 
This project also included site work for the various additions and expanded parking to support the increased number of beds. The infrastructure for the Hospital and Annex were expanded as required to support the expanded square footage.


Jordan Health Master Planning

Anthony Jordan Health Corporation provides outpatient services to the inner city population of Rochester, New York. 

The Master Planning exercise included the evaluation of three outpatient clinics. Anthony L. Jordan Health Center is the main campus facility located at 82 Holland Street, Rochester, NY and at 28,500 SF the largest of the three. Beyond the typical outpatient services this location also includes urgent care, dentistry and optometry. The two remaining locations are Brown Square at 10,440 SF and the Woodward Health Center at 10,000 SF. 

Demographics have shown that this health system is vital to the minority and immigrant population to the Rochester Community. Our services will help Jordan health to determine the condition of each site and provide potential improvements for space utilization as well as staff efficiency to better serve the populations.

Also included in this project is the assistance in preparation of various grant applications required to implement the master plan.

Main Campus: 28,500 SF
Brown Square: 10,440 SF
Woodward: 10,000 SF

Estimated Construction Value:
Main Campus: $3.5 Million
Brown Square: $2.2 Million
Woodward: $1.4 Million

To be completed in 2016

Renovation, re-purpose and reopening.

The former Lakeside Hospital was sold to the University of Rochester Medical Center in 2013. Its use has now changed from a hospital to an Ambulatory Health Center to provide outpatient services to the Brockport community. Having been the Architect of Record for Lakeside Hospital, Gardner PLUS was retained by URMC to assist with the plans to renovate, re-purpose and reopen the facility. 

The scope includes the design for a new free standing Emergency Department, the third of such type of unit in New York State. It also includes an Ambulatory Surgery Center with three operating rooms, a large multi-purpose procedure room and a GI Procedure room. Preparation and Recovery areas were renovated and brought up to the current standards. The Central Sterile support was improved with new equipment. The Imaging Department upgrade included a CT and MRI with numerous functional and support modulars. The Pharmacy and Lab were both improved. Extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades were designed to bring this outdated facility in current 2010 FGI compliance. 

Gardner PLUS has provided planning through construction administration. Leadership was provided with our extensive team of consultants. We worked effectively with the New York State Department of Health and local authorities, as well as numerous department design teams for each aspect of this project. 

Square Footage:
1st Floor - 63,000 SF
2nd Floor - 12,000 SF
3rd Floor - 12,000 SF

Completion Date:

Construction Cost: