Jordan Health Master Planning

Anthony Jordan Health Corporation provides outpatient services to the inner city population of Rochester, New York. 

The Master Planning exercise included the evaluation of three outpatient clinics. Anthony L. Jordan Health Center is the main campus facility located at 82 Holland Street, Rochester, NY and at 28,500 SF the largest of the three. Beyond the typical outpatient services this location also includes urgent care, dentistry and optometry. The two remaining locations are Brown Square at 10,440 SF and the Woodward Health Center at 10,000 SF. 

Demographics have shown that this health system is vital to the minority and immigrant population to the Rochester Community. Our services will help Jordan health to determine the condition of each site and provide potential improvements for space utilization as well as staff efficiency to better serve the populations.

Also included in this project is the assistance in preparation of various grant applications required to implement the master plan.

Main Campus: 28,500 SF
Brown Square: 10,440 SF
Woodward: 10,000 SF

Estimated Construction Value:
Main Campus: $3.5 Million
Brown Square: $2.2 Million
Woodward: $1.4 Million

To be completed in 2016