Gardner PLUS Architects, PLLC has extensive experience in planning both chronic and acute dialysis units having designed hospital-based as well as freestanding facilities. Our design objectives for a dialysis project are patient comfort, patient safety and functional efficiency. We strive to create a healing environment that is calm, relaxing and non-institutional.  We bring natural lighting and access to views wherever possible.  This type of facility requires an in-depth understanding of the complex infrastructure with a need for access and maintenance.  Staff circulation and observation are vital to the success of the program. 

Unity Hospital South Wing Chronic Dialysis
Rochester, NY
Addition and renovation to accommodate 24 treatment stations with space for support services.
Size:  8,000 SF
Construction Value:  $1,650,000
Project Completion: 2012

Noyes Health Geneseo Patient Dialysis
Geneseo, NY
Design includes 12 dialysis stations and complete staff support with future expansion to 16 stations. 
Size:  11,400 SF
Construction Value:  $1,400,000

Park Ridge Hospital 3500 Wing Acute Inpatient Dialysis
Rochester, NY
Conversion of an inpatient holding unit consisting of a six station Inpatient Dialysis Suite.  
Size:  1,200 SF
Construction Value:  $200,000

Unity Hospital Peritoneal/Dialysis Training
Rochester, NY
New suite that allows staff to assist patient in training for home based treatment.
Size:  960 SF
Construction Value:  $290,000

Unity Hospital Acute Inpatient Dialysis
Rochester, NY
New eight-bay unit sized for inpatients on stretchers.
Size:  2,070 SF
Construction Value:  $620,000

Noyes Memorial Hospital ICU Inpatient Dialysis
Rochester, NY
ICU rooms were equipped with services to provide inpatient dialysis services.  
Size: 6,600 SF (ICU)
Construction Value: 5.1 Million
Project Completion: 2006

St. Mary’s Hospital Dialysis Department 
Rochester, NY
13 Treatment stations and support spaces. 
Size:  13,000 SF
Construction Value:  $1,100,000
Project Completion: 2003

Rochester General Hospital Dialysis Equipment Room
Rochester, NY
Modify support space to accommodate new dialysis equipment reprocessing space.
Project Completion: 2003

Park Ridge Professional Office Building Outpatient Dialysis Unit
Rochester, NY
The unit  includes 24 stations, with an additional two to three stations for use in peritoneal dialysis training. 
Size:  8,400 SF
Construction Value:  $255,000
Project Completed: 2000