D.B. Gardner, Architect was founded in 1990 by David Gardner and later transitioned to Gardner PLUS Architects, PLLC in recognition of our outstanding team of unique individuals. Gardner PLUS has designed and coordinated construction projects for new structures, additions and renovations in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Construction costs of the projects for which we have been the key consultant range from under $100,000 to over $100 million.


We are trained to handle any type of project. Each of our G+ team members possess unique skill sets, allowing us to tailor a design team to meet the needs of each project.  Some assignments require one person while others may demand several members of our staff along with a team of our consultants. We work closely with each client through all phases of a project to design facilities that meet individual needs within budget and schedule.


The structure of our firm is BY DESIGN. We believe we are different from other architectural consulting practices in that a senior staff member remains involved in the day-to-day progress of each project, often functioning both as project manager and project architect. In this way, we can continue to practice our profession and not just manage others. What this means to our clients is a more effective project delivery system with more involvement by senior staff to supervise the preparation of documents for the project. We do what it takes to deliver the best service possible.


Our commitment to communication is born from our experience with complex project teams involving many layers of client participation, state and local governmental agencies, consultants, contractors and construction managers.We know that clear and timely communication, within the team  and with outside agencies, is paramount to the success of any project.


Based on many years of combined experience, our firm is very capable of meeting the challenges any project can present:

  • Designing for complex project requirements

  • Complying with multiple applicable codes

  • Designing to each clients standards and systems

  • Dealing with multiple layers of approval
  • Coordination numerous consultants to produce comprehensive construction documents for every aspect of a project

  • Assisting clients in developing phasing plans that maintain their ongoing operations

  • Doing what it takes to develop documents within the schedule and the budget

  • Advising on various construction delivery systems and adapting to our clients preferred approach


We are dedicated to the creation of functionally strong and aesthetically pleasing environments. We work with our clients to achieve a unified look of quiet elegance through quality, value-engineered materials. Our most important product is our team and a strong commitment to quality service. This is what makes our firm confident in saying your project will be a success and designed to stand the test of time.


Gardner PLUS provides full architectural and engineering services both through the versatile skills of our own staff and through the addition of sub-consultants selected specifically to address the needs of each project.


Master Planning
Healthcare Architectural Design
Certificate of Need Assistance
ADA Compliance
The Joint Commission Compliance and Survey Assistance
CMS Compliance and Survey Assistance
HIPAA Compliance
Project Management
Facility Assessments
Code Compliance Assessment
Alternatives Analysis
Interior Design & Space Planning
Site Selection
Home Inspections
3D Video Tours
3D Renderings



Civil and Landscaping
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Fire Protection
Telecommunications & Multi-Media Design
Acoustical Design
Hazardous Material Remediation
Radiation Protection
RF Shielding
Equipment Planning
Food Service